• 6 Reasons Why You Need The Portable Monitor in Your Life

    6 Reasons Why You Need The Portable Monitor in Your Life

    September 02, 2021   /     Ano Matimba   /    0 comments

    PC systems were initially bulky, required additional storage space, and took up more space overall. With the growth of technology, these systems have grown even more efficient and tailored to the hectic lifestyles of average workers.

    Modern times require more focus on smart work along with hard work. Being equipped with the latest piece of technology can make us more efficient and productive. The market for portable monitors has expanded and thus resulted in constantly advancing and expanding tech coming out.

    Why get a Portable Monitor?

    Portability is not a luxury but has become essential for people in the modern world of technology. People in modern times consistently need to be on the move to keep up with the fast pace of their daily regular work.Portable monitors are a convenient way to extend the screen of a laptop or enhance the size of a mobile device's display. Gaming, work or consuming any other entertainment, portable monitors are always nifty.

    Not sure if you should get one for yourself? Continue reading to know the benefits and uses to help you decide better. There are several significant benefits to portable monitors and how they make our lives more convenient. Mentioned below are a few of them.

    1. Compatibility is listed on top as it is one of the most important reasons why a portable monitor is viable in today’s day and age. After all, why would anyone buy it if it doesn’t work with most of your devices? 
    These systems are also highly compatible with other systems and programs and can adjust their needs to the user. They may work with a variety of system specs, giving the user more freedom and functionality.
    Whether it be an HDMI, display port, or type-c connection, the types of ports available in portable monitors enable the user to expand the viewing horizons with most devices available.

    2. Productivity goes up several times. Even if one screen is utilized as a workstation and the other as a communication space, you may save a lot of time that would otherwise be lost switching between tasks.
     Higher screen size improves productivity in at least three ways: increased data insights, more time for key tasks, and lower stress levels for better solutions. 
     There is no downside to adding a monitor to your workspace, for instance using two screens to compare two documents may save a lot of time instead of squinting your eyes for two documents on a single screen.

    3. Scaling up mobile devices with a simple connection. Smartphones are present in almost everyone’s pocket these days. However, the tiny touchscreen can be exhausting on the eyes for prolonged focus use. 
    Even simple smartphones may become productivity powerhouses with the
    addition of a Bluetooth keyboard and productivity apps like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. 
    Regardless of the size of the device, a portable monitor ensures a full computer-like experience and increases the flow of work.

    4. Orientation Control is also a valuable aspect of a portable monitor, especially for people like digital arts, coders, and photographers. 
     By turning around the monitor from landscape to portrait mode, the user can have a better view of the content on the screen and thus make it easier for editing or coding.
    Most of the current day monitors with stands also have this feature, but the freedom of orientation with the portable monitors are usually higher as they are easier to move around and lighter in weight.

    5. Screen quality matters a lot when it comes to a monitor. Whether it is a TN, IPS, or a VA panel monitor, is up to your buying preferences but one thing that needs to be ensured is that the resolution of the monitor is 1080p (1920x1080) or above.
    IPS portable monitors are ideal for going through the codes, true to color editing, and even for gaming. IPS monitors deliver a crispier image and sharper color details.
    Most of the portable monitors offer great viewing angles and contrast ratios, offering deeper blacks for a great cinematic experience as well.

    6. Mobility and weight: It gives users the ability to work on the go, creating flexibility in their desired workspace. They can be readily moved from one location to another by hand or in a bag or briefcase for added security.
    Portable monitors offer mobility directly to the user. With technology on the rise, viewing needs and demands have changed. Instead of opting for a monitor that sits on our desk, we can carry around portable monitors, thus expanding our workstation and increasing its mobility.
    With the advancement of technology, portability has improved due to weight and size reductions. The compact screens of the portable monitors make them extremely easy to travel with, carrying them in bags or backpacks.



    Why is there a need for a portable monitor? They come in handy for work or play and offer a high degree of connectivity with other devices. Portable monitors have given us the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time. Portable displays help us operate more efficiently and productively in this fast-paced world.
    Finally, portable monitors offer flexibility, useful functionality, and convenience. They enable us to take our work with us, to be more creative, and to finish more.“Time is money” as the saying goes, and to be honest not many devices or pieces of technology save as much time as a secondary portable monitor. As a thank you for making it all the way to the end of this article we at Techmerch would like to reward you with 15% off our very own Portable Monitor as can be seen below with the code "BLOG15OFF".




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